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Why should you opt for a WordPress Web Development tool?

WordPress is a blogging platform which also offers content management system facilities. It is the most popular CMS today, enjoying the support of 60 million plus people, all of whom swear by the tool. Released in May 2003 as Version 1.0, it has been downloaded by users and WordPress Web Development service providers over 6 million times. The current version 3.6, was released in August 2013 and supports numerous themes and features including post locking and auto save.


WordPress provides numerous features that help the user to make their content more functional and eye pleasing. Some of the most popular features include:-

  • Themes – Users can install new themes from the templates or customize them. They change the appearance of the page as well the functionality while keeping the content unchanged.
  • Widgets – These are tiny modules that support useful activities like drag and drop, image changes, search features etc.
  • Multi Blogging – This feature enables a blog community to control multiple bloggers via a single dashboard. This is particularly helpful for small enterprises who upload a huge amount of content regularly.
  • Plugin – WordPress has a whopping 26,000 strong database for its plugins. These can be utilized by the users to customize their page and tailor them to specific needs. Addition of widgets and navigation bars are popular with the users at present.
  • Mobile – WordPress has brought out new applications with limited features for new platforms which include Androids, iOS for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad as well as WebOS.

Wannabe bloggers as well as professional content writers can also use WordPress with ease because it supports a web template system where all you have to do is to write and upload the content by clicking on the right buttons.

However, it can become a web developer’s dream tool too. This is how WordPress web Development can help to make the task easier and time effective.

  • Developing a website is not about handling new codes and writing programs every time. 80% of the work is repetitive while only about 1% of the task pertains to creativity. WordPress can be successfully utilized to maintain designs and codes that are likely to be used again and again. Choosing this particular CMS over others has a few benefits. They include:-
  • It consists of a number of independent contributors which makes it easy to maintain your code and keep it both updated and commercially viable even though you are using an open source model.
  • You can easily utilize the new features and security patches while fixing the bugs in your code and keep it updated with a single click on WordPress.
  • The free plugins and features also enable you to customize your WordPress page at will. It can help you to keep your work functional apart from changing the look of your page.
  • The inter-functioning of WordPress with other platforms is phenomenal too. You will be able to use everything from AdSense to iPhones and Google Maps in tandem with your WordPress page too.

PSD to WordPress Conversion

As most of us know, WordPress refers to an open source blog publishing application. Surprisingly, more sites are utilizing its ability to function as a Content Management System for controlling and generally managing their web content. It basically works on a template system, and also has the ability to use add-on functions more commonly referred to as widgets. These add-ons provide additional functionality without having to edit any of the PHP or HTML coding. There are also many themes, both free as well as commercial that are also available which can be installed allowing the site owner to change the look and feel of the site.

The question many people have asked is “What if I have a design, either created by myself or by someone I have hired, that I want to use on my site? How do I apply it?”

Most individuals who possess a basic knowledge of HTML and rudimentary skills in designing and coding web layouts believe a Responsive PSD to WordPress conversion is an easy task to do. This is not the case. Turning a design into a WordPress theme is not as easy as a conventional PSD to HTML conversion. It is a little more involved due to the fact that the layout is handled mostly by CSS and not tables. Also the header, main content and footer areas are not all contained in one file.

What does this mean to the individual with a unique design? It means your options are very limited. One is to learn how to code a WordPress theme yourself. Another options is to send your design to a friend or relative who has done conversions in the past. Last but certainly not least, is the hiring of a skilled coder or company that specializes in Responsive PSD to WordPress conversions. Most individuals opt for the last choice as these entities are experts at taking designs created in Photoshop, Gimp or Adobe Illustrator and converting them into a functional WordPress theme.

By having an expert do your conversion, you can rest assured that every aspect of your design, including the header, content areas, sidebars and even the footer will look exactly like the design you are paying them to convert. The finished result will no doubt be a more pleasant experience for your visitors. It is also worthy to note that if the Responsive PSD to WordPress conversion is coded properly, the presentation (graphics) will be separated from the content (information), making your site more appealing to search engines.

When choosing a company or an individual that specializes in Responsive PSD to WordPress conversions, make sure you ask any and all questions you may have. Investigate what they offer. What’s included? What’s not? What is free? What isn’t? Charge for revisions? Asking these kinds of questions will help you find the right company for your project.

With most Responsive PSD to WordPress conversion companies, you can get a number of associated services included:

  • Semantic HTML markup
  • Valid W3C Compliant code
  • Cross browser compatibility
  • Commented style sheets

And the list goes on. Keep in mind that some companies can and will charge you for items other companies will give you for free.

Most conversion companies will ask you to upload a screenshot of your design and also outline any and all details they need in order to give you a proper quote for the work to be done. Once a price has been agreed upon, you will have to email your design to the company so they can begin the process. Once the Responsive PSD to WordPress conversion is finished, the theme is normally uploaded to a demo server allowing you the opportunity to see how your theme looks in a live environment. This is also a chance for you to note any and all discrepancies you may notice so they can be corrected as well make any requests for changes.

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PSD to WordPress Conversion with International coding standards.

The trend of outstanding some of your business processes has become common these days. Businesses around the world focus on hiring offshore web development firms that can handle the web development process so that business owners can focus on the core functions of business and at the same time get better websites that are functional and add to the productivity . If you are planning to search for web developers for PSD to WordPress conversion you need to ensure that they abide to international coding standards that will help your website.

Although, there are many web developers that handle PSD to WordPress conversion there are limited firms that ensure that they stick to the international web standards that will allow readers to come up on your business site.

Browser Compatibility

Consumers use different browsers to explore the websites and that means that you need to stick to international codes that are approved by these browsers. If you hire a web developer for PSD to WordPress conversion and if the web developer does not abide to international codes, chances are that your website might not be visible to all users globally. Browsers have their own coding and therefore when you go for PSD to WordPress conversion you have to ensure that you stick to the universal codes and standards that every web developers uses around the world. PSD to WordPress conversion along with international coding standards will also allow your website to be accessible through mobile devices so that more users can browse your site on the go.

Website Functionality

Websites today are not just pages that advertisement more about your business products and services, it is much more than that. Business owners want to provide an experience to the users that come up on their site and want to offer better functionality. With PSD to WordPress conversion your can certainly add more functionality to your site, but only if they are in tune with international coding standards. If your website has gone through PSD to WordPress conversion without international coding standard it might be that some of the functions of the site will not be available to users in certain browsers.

SEO Friendly

Imagine your website that has gone through PSD to WordPress conversion but does not come up on search engines. It is important that your business website comes up in the search for which you will need to search for PSD to WordPress conversion with international coding standards. With the help of right coding your website will be SEO friendly and search engine robots can crawl through the websites quickly and efficiently.


Every website requires better security to keep the data intact. With PSD to WordPress conversion with international codes you can be sure that your website has the right encryption technology. There are various security features that you need to add to your website to ensure that the data added to the site and provided by the users stays safe and secure and you can continue your business without any technical glitches and hiccups.

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Website Redesign – 5 essential questions to ask before spending your money

You may be approached by a web design company suggesting that your website needs an overhaul. How do you know whether or not this is true? Ask yourself the following questions to assure that you aren’t tricked into paying for an unnecessary website redesign.

This is one of the worst reasons to redesign as website. Here are two reasons. 1) Your website isn’t “old” to new customers who find you. 2) Knowing what to expect when they return to your website, gives your customers a sense of comfort around your site.

Think of your website as similar to a store you visit frequently. If the store, decides to do a remodel and change where things are located, how do you feel the first few time you shop after the change? Frustrated? You find yourself looking for someone who works there to redirect you to the right place.

When a customer arrives on your redesigned website, unless your redesign is very careful and logical, it can create enough frustration to lose the customer.

If you did the site right the first time, you don’t need to redesign your site. You may just need to tweak its look a bit. You can do this through three things: Content, color and fonts. The most importance of these is content.

Am I considering a website redesign because I’m not attracting visitors?

A good SEO strategy will attract visitors to a website. A redesign is worthless for improving SEO, unless it involves renaming pages with SEO enhancing titles. That’s not a redesign issue, it’s as SEO issue. Consider your website content before considering a redesign. It will accomplish more.

Consider SEO assistance and content revision before taking the additional step of paying for a website redesign. While your site may not be laid out optimally for certain features that encourage customer action, these can often be overcome by great inbound marketing content.

Am I considering a website redesign because I’m not seeing click through?

This can be a valid reason for considering a website redesign. Some websites are so poorly laid out, the customer is confused as to what the page is about and what action the customer should take once he/she arrives.

But often a webs page can be “redesigned” just b the content included on it. Keeping the message on the page direct and to the point, an invitation to learn more on another page, and the use of H1, H2 and H3 headers can accomplish much of what a redesign would be, for far less expense.

Another important aspect of web page content is where the content focuses. Does it focus on the customer or the company? Re-focusing content on the customer can make a major impact on click-through rates.

Am I considering a website redesign because I hope it will improve my image?

Some websites do reflect negatively on the companies they represent. The content is sloppy. Broken links frustrate would-be customers. Yet, these are both issues that don’t require a redesign. Content can be replaced. Fresh pictures can be uploaded. Broken links can be identified and repaired. Clean up the existing site. These small upgrades can give new life to a website.

There are so many good templates to choose from, that most websites really don’t have a major structural issue. Content is the #1 issue for most websites. Deal with that, and your often remove the need to redesign the site.

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Why and when to Redesign your Company website?

Having a company means that one of your main responsibilities is to convey your business message to your client base. One of the ways to do that quickly and interestingly is to create a website, which represents your company values, ideas and competitive advantage. Your website may turn to be the most important place of business interaction as it shows the services you offer in a clear and accessible way and may be open to feedback and comments, if you have a blog, directly from your customers.

However, having just any website is not enough. Technologies and design are constantly developing so if your website has not changed for the last years or sports a layout and design that look amateur or outdated that may lead to driving your visitor away. While sometimes being retro is a good thing, not done properly on the web may mean that you will be perceived as negligent and not caring about what is currently happening on the market. Great content is one thing, but it needs to be wrapped in a nice and pretty package in order for it to be noticed.

Many companies simply do not pay attention to the activities in their website thinking that owning a website, no matter of the look, is enough, others are just happy with what they have and do not strive for more, while third are apprehensive of change. All these may seem reasonable and in line with “If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it” but sometimes there are cracks that will make you lose opportunities and potential new business connections and clients.

When to do it?

Change is scary but most times, if you are thinking about it, you probably need it. Reinventing your web presence in no way means that you will lose your brand identity or will need to change your logo or vision. On the contrary, you may enhance the good and bring it forward. In addition, you may use it to promote a new service or product, new office or change in the status quo. All these reasons could be the push you need to rethink the look and functionality of your company website.

Successful business is all about being unique but also being current. No one will want to buy your product if its presentation seems suspicious, out-of-date and shabby. When we go to the store we like the packaging of the products we buy to be new, untouched and shiny. The same is valid for your online representation.

Customers need to know that you care about their experience so much that you want to offer them the best one so they will come back. Redesigning your company look is likely to give it a boost, to attract new clients and partners and to show that you are willing to invest in new and modern technologies.

Do not let your excellent product or service be unnoticed because its image is not appropriate or attractive enough. With proper help from a professional webs designer team, you can achieve new highs in your business performance see the positive feedback from your visitors.

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Website Redesign – Some considerations

Website Redesign is all about redesigning your website so that it gains a distinctive look and feel. It ensures that your website is equipped with better features for better performance on the Internet. As a website owner, you would have realized that websites are in constant need of redesign to make it more attractive and meaningful to their target audience. So, of you are an individual, or a company looking out for a website redesign, it is advisable that your follow a well structured plan for this purpose.

Perceptions keep on changing and what was great yesterday might not hold good today. For example, a static site was the norm until recently. Now people admire sites with videos and dynamic content. Visitors today went websites to be engaging and capable of capturing their attention, else they do not hesitate to move on to their competitor’s site. Therefore, website redesign will help visitors retain their attention on their site and ensure repeat visits.

To begin with redesigning your site, you can easily evaluate your current site’s strengths and weakness to determine how successful it has been with the existing design. You can get an honest evaluation from people who are close to you about your existing site. From the report that you prepare, you can write the goal you intend to pursue for redesigning your site. Regarding the new design, you can brainstorm with your team and make a note about the ideas that you generate from this process.

To proceed with the redesign, you need to know why people visit your site and what impact will the redesign have on your visitors. The redesign should be such that you get more traffic to your site and an increase in the sales. It also should be able to grab the attention of visitors. They need to bookmark the site so that they can come back for later purchases. At this juncture, it is also important to research competitors and get inputs about what’s current on the market.

You should also obtain about the most current webs designs and communications concepts that are prevalent these days. At the same time, you should also understand that all these design changes and concept implementations should be applicable to your target audience. You should understand that by redesigning your site, your target audience should increase and not vice versa. The best way to go about this is to know how your target audience thinks about your website. Will website redesign impress your target audience? If not, how should you redesign your site to make it impressive?

Redesign your site with the right look and feel. Thus, the website should be able to communicate the rights thoughts and theme to your target audience. If you want a professional look, see that it does not communicate an academic look instead. Also make sure the content provides readers with information and assists them in decision making. So, while redesigning a site, make sure that you get a good writer to generate meaningful and relevant content for your site.

After the redesign process, just check that you website is able to make the customer take positive action and make an informed decision. Finally ensure that a professional redesign company with the right experience and talent in the field undertakes your website redesign project. Rather than handing over the redesign to a one-man company, ensure that a professional team does that the redesign. Your website is your ticket to the Internet. Ensure that it is kept profitable and that your online venture is a thorough success.

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Bespoke Web development, Custom coding and WordPress themes that are affordable

Employing professional programmers, coders and designers to create custom built websites, code specific applications and functionalities and design attractive and relevant WordPress themes has, in the past, been a potentially prohibitively costly service that many new start up websites can not begin to afford. While it is true that there are generic templates available, especially for WordPress, a generic website will put many potential customers off your website by appearing less eye catching, failing to promote brand recognition and in some cases appearing less trust worth than custom built sites.

Fortunately, as the need for cheap and affordable web development, coding and WordPress themes has risen dramatically in the age of ecommerce, studios of hundreds of professional qualified programmers are available to fill all sorts of requests with unique content and reasonable turnaround times.

Especially prevalent in the current market place is WordPress. WordPress is valued for its ease of use, low bandwidth requirements, and the large amounts of support freely available to new users. Even better, a professionally developed WordPress document bears very little or no resemblance at all to the generically mass-produced templates that are common on commission and affiliate-less blogs all over the Internet. While it is great that many not for profit blogs and sites can start up without having to pay for any sort of development at all, a website that intends to generate the sort of traffic required to begin making any sort of real money will be much more successful if it makes use if a custom made design.

Custom coding and further web development prices depend entirely on the applications and functionality required. A website that wants to implement simple and common ecommerce features will benefit greatly from utilizing a custom designed checkout and sales system that runs on a premade structure of sales communications to stand out from the crowd and further increase brand recognition among customers. Complex and esoteric features can vary widely in price depending on a large number of factors. It is best to get a quote from a WordPress bespoke website design company before creating a site that relies on unusual features.

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Custom WordPress Design

Custom WordPress design is something that can help your business in many different ways. Most people think of WordPress as a blogging site or tool but it can be even more than that if you know how to use it correctly. WordPress is one of the leading content management system (CMS) out there today. With thousands of themes or templates to choose from, you’ll want to set yourself apart from the rest by having a custom wordpress design.

While getting a custom theme is as easy as going to Google, it’s not as easy to add your own content and graphics to it. This is where having someone make you a unique WordPress design comes in very handy. It doesn’t matter if you have nothing at all or you have all the content already. Hiring someone else to tackle the projects is a major stress relief. You can get what you want how you want it without the hassle of figuring it all out yourself.

Having a custom design also shows that you are different from all the other people out there who just buy a theme and use the standards settings. Customizing it to fit your needs elevates your site to the next level. Even if you don’t want a blog on your site. WordPress is a great stand-alone website system that makes organizing your content a lot more simple. Take the time to do some research into what type of theme you want and once you settle on one you can feel relieved knowing that you can hire someone to customize it exactly how you want it.

Some of the things you’ll want to consider when you are looking at redesigning a theme are:

-Custom header/logo area
– Background picture or color
– Fonts
– Buttons
– Overall color and layout

These are the most common things you can change when you buy a WordPress theme and something you should ask your designer about changing. If you like a specific thing about the theme, then make sure to bring that up to your designer.

One thing that’s important to remember is that all themes are different. To get the most out of your purchase, you may want to hire a designer first and then have them recommend themes based on what you are looking for. Either way, you will be able to get yourself a nice custom WordPress design to help grow your website.

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Why do you need a Professional Coder for converting your PSD design to WordPress?

You will find a lot of PSD to WordPress tutorials online. And each one bets that it will get you covered. But can you really convert a PSD to WordPress theme by following a tutorial or a definitive guide?

The answer is a ‘NO’.

All these tutorials give you a general idea about what it takes to convert a PSD design to WordPress. But none of them dive you into the practical details and design implementation that is required to convert a design into a WordPress theme. With these tutorials, you just get to scratch the surface.

PSD to WordPress is a professional service and you need a seasoned WordPress developer to convert your design into a fully functional website. It needs a lot of technical know-how. You need to be well conversant with Photoshop, HTML, CSS, jQuery, JavaScript, PHP and last but not the least WordPress.

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The first step on conversion of a PSD design to WordPress is slicing the PSD. For that, you need to have a good command over Photoshop.

As a next step, you need to create the markup. For this, you need to have a good knowledge of HTML and HTML5 (as of today). You need to learn about the HTML tags, but that’s not all. You also need to know about semantic markup and microdata so that your content is deciphered by search engines in the same context as you want to present.

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Once the markup is ready, you will need to dive into the design phase. For designing, you need to be well equipped with CSS. Some basic knowledge of jQuery and JavaScript is a plus.

Having a fair knowledge of HTML and CSS doesn’t suffice. For creating a theme in WordPress, you need to be a master at PHP and WordPress.

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You need to have a sound knowledge of:

  • How WordPress works?
  • What are action hooks and filter in WordPress?
  • What are the template tags?
  • Template hierarchy and conditional tags
  • Hot to create a theme in WordPress?
  • What is functions.php and what is style.css?

WordPress is itself coded in PHP, so to use WordPress you need to be well-versed with PHP.

For a simple PSD to WordPress conversion, you need to learn all this.

Wait, that’s not all!

You also need to follow coding best practices, so that your code goes through W3C validation and works across browsers.

You need to have a fair idea about on-page SEO, so that your website starts ranking in search engines.

You need to have a fair idea about user experience, website performance and caching.

You need to know a hell lot of things.

Are you still interested in converting that beautiful PSD design into WordPress all by yourself?

psd to wordpress conversion competitive advantages

PSD to WordPress Conversion – Competitive Advantages

Today, in this competitive web world, it is important for an internet marketer to have better online presence, which is now possible with an effective PSD to WordPress conversion. Reliability and accessibility are the key aspects that make a website more interactive. PSD to WordPress is the powerful solution that comes up with the most amazing features. The transformation of Photoshop design into WordPress is robust tool, which focuses on the credible process of creating the semantic code for the website.

PSD to WordPress conversion is required to enable a website to be executed on the browser. This conversion plays a crucial role in web development project as the overall performance & success of a website depends on it to a large extent. A perfect conversion gives the users an opportunity to switch themes and add value to the site. at present times, customization have become a reality that goes well with the user requirements. This conversion brings a lot of benefits to give new heights to a website.

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PSD to WordPress conversion brings a lot of benefits. A few major advantages of this conversion are mentioned below:

Cost-Efficiency Being a key advantage

WordPress is freely available software, which is easy to use and navigate. The entire process of conversion turn out to be economical and cost-effective. It is beneficial for all the businesses, especially small and medium-sized, who are marked with small budgets and greater aspirations. WordPress helps you reach maximum potential customers without investing much amount.

Option to Integrate Social Media

Customizable themes give a unique look to the website. PSD to WordPress conversion provides the scope to link your website with the social media profiles, so that you can easily enhance the traffic for your site. Even, it provides an option to add newsletter, online payment systems and contact forms to occupy the visitors and get review. People get the opportunity to choose the themes according to their unique requirements. WordPress is compatible to all major social media sites such as Facebook, Google+, YouTube and others.

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Properly Arranged & SEO- Semantic Coding

SEO- compatibility can be one of the reason behind growing popularity of PSD to WordPress conversion. Developers strictly follow SEO- semantic coding standards ensuring that each and every element in the website is properly organized. With the systematically arranged and optimized coding, the website gets easily read by the search engine crawlers. The developers ensure that the website get maximum possible traffic on various search engines by using appropriate keywords and tags in the backend.

Cross- Browser Compatibility for better conversion rates

This conversion enables a website to be accessible on all the major web browsers, which in turn increases conversion rates. Moreover, it gives the users a wonderful browsing experience regardless of the browser on which the website is being viewed.

W3C validation is also one of the major advantages offered by WordPress conversion. Along with the W3C- compliant standards, an error-free & well-structured site is delivered that works well on all the parameters. Hence, opt for PSD to WordPress conversion and avail the benefits that come along with it.

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Importance of PSD to WordPress Conversion

Earlier, website development and designing was a complex process involving too many processes and steps. First we should have a PSD design of the website, and then it should be encoded in a powerful markup language so that it can be launched in a browser but now all theses can be done hassle free using WordPress conversion.

So let’s discuss what WordPress is. WordPress is a popular and powerful open source CMS that provides a lot of flexibility and so many additional features to be added in your website. PSD to WordPress conversion is a highly advanced technology and is also very user friendly. It’s very easy to update, install and import files and helps in the smooth operation of the website.

Salient features of WordPress include:-

  • Full Standard Compliance
  • WordPress Pages
  • Password protected posts
  • WordPress links and themes
  • Easy installation and up gradation.

In WordPress conversion, PSD file is being integrated by using WordPress. WordPress can also be used for controlling and managing web content. By slicing a PSD file and coding it with most popular blog publishing application-WordPress, it is easy to get a ready-to-use WordPress theme/template

Main steps involved in conversion of PSD to WordPress process for designing a web portal are listed below:

  • Analyze PSD file
  • Break PSD into HTML
  • Slice PSD file
  • PSD into HTML and CSS
  • Integrate HTML/CSS by WordPress
  • Testing

Due to all these facts and features, the demand for conversion of PSD to WordPress has increased a lot. A professional WordPress developer can be hired for the conversion of PSD to WordPress. An expert will surely have the skill to efficiently convert PSD to WordPress according to our requirements. While you go for hiring a developer, make sure that the conversion is done in WordPress 3 template. WordPress 3 is loaded with many sophisticated features to boost the performance of your site. Not many are offering the conversion in WordPress 3.

So you have to make sure about that. Also confirm that the service provider you hire has the required skill and expertise to do the conversion. The conversion will be good only when done efficiently. We also have to track the Profile and portfolio of the service provider to know about the industry experience. Quality and time factor also is important. Now that you have an idea about conversion of PSD to WordPress, its possible for you to choose upon a service provider easily who can create the website according to your needs and requirements.