WordPress SEO Friendly Website Design

WordPress SEO Friendly Website Design

The WordPress content manager is an impressive SEO equipped tool to add into any new website or put in an existing website. WordPress will allow you to add to your site content at any time. Photos, edits, updates, calendars, and blogs may be added through the administration section of your WordPress focused website with ease equal to that of writing an email.

The WordPress admin side offers an easy “what you see is what you get” format. It is easy to operate and makes your website content editable without using the “web guy” again or being charged monthly fees. In normal circumstances your navigation buttons can be modified, deleted or added to together with your pages. For example, if you needed to include add “about us” button, you simply design a page named “about us” and WordPress will automatically create a new navigation button. Search Engine Friendly WordPress is also very friendly to Google so if appearing on Google’s first-page search results is necessary for your business then WordPress is the answer. WordPress has a free plug in for almost everything that you could imagine, all absolutely free. For example if one has no knowledge about HTML coding, they can still insert keywords that Google can read and Meta info using the All-in-One-SEO plug in.

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This just shows how simple the “SEO” part of WordPress is to, complete. Enter your descriptions and keywords in the admin side. And WordPress will do the rest. The code is then automatically formed and all your keywords readable by Google. The search engines will now most likely rank your blog or page on top in their search results. There are no limitations for Versatile WordPress. It can do just about everything. You can include Flash, e-Commerce shopping carts, music, video, online forms and downloads with a WordPress-focused site. WordPress gives upgrades several other template-style “do-it-yourself” website designers do not. These other designers trap you with low prices but force you to begin from scratch when you need an upgrade for the site, since most of them cannot be expanded.

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Do it right the first time with WordPress. WordPress charges no monthly fees for the websites for maintenance or ownership. You can now save the maintenance fees paid to your web guy for updates; your content is now completely in full control. Some may argue that we are tang ourselves out of work, but for us our concern is that our customers stay happy and we take courage in the notion that there is always a second website in the future that needs to be built. How much will it cost me? Well that needs a long answer. Mainly because WordPress has a variety of options, add-ons and upgrades. One only needs make a call to our web department for quotations which normally take approximately 5 minutes. Issue that one needs to think over when looking for a website include;

. Do you want your website to rank well on search engines in order to for it to act as a tool for marketing?

. Do you want your video clips including?

. Do you want to create “slideshows” for your pictures for on one or several of your pages?

. Will you do online trading from your site?

. Do you need interactive forms that people can fill out (contact forms, etc.)?

. Do you have your own company logo, branding and colors or will you require of us to produce them?

. Which website do you appreciate that way they look or feel?

. What is your budget for the project?