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Website Redesign – 5 essential questions to ask before spending your money

You may be approached by a web design company suggesting that your website needs an overhaul. How do you know whether or not this is true? Ask yourself the following questions to assure that you aren’t tricked into paying for an unnecessary website redesign.

This is one of the worst reasons to redesign as website. Here are two reasons. 1) Your website isn’t “old” to new customers who find you. 2) Knowing what to expect when they return to your website, gives your customers a sense of comfort around your site.

Think of your website as similar to a store you visit frequently. If the store, decides to do a remodel and change where things are located, how do you feel the first few time you shop after the change? Frustrated? You find yourself looking for someone who works there to redirect you to the right place.

When a customer arrives on your redesigned website, unless your redesign is very careful and logical, it can create enough frustration to lose the customer.

If you did the site right the first time, you don’t need to redesign your site. You may just need to tweak its look a bit. You can do this through three things: Content, color and fonts. The most importance of these is content.

Am I considering a website redesign because I’m not attracting visitors?

A good SEO strategy will attract visitors to a website. A redesign is worthless for improving SEO, unless it involves renaming pages with SEO enhancing titles. That’s not a redesign issue, it’s as SEO issue. Consider your website content before considering a redesign. It will accomplish more.

Consider SEO assistance and content revision before taking the additional step of paying for a website redesign. While your site may not be laid out optimally for certain features that encourage customer action, these can often be overcome by great inbound marketing content.

Am I considering a website redesign because I’m not seeing click through?

This can be a valid reason for considering a website redesign. Some websites are so poorly laid out, the customer is confused as to what the page is about and what action the customer should take once he/she arrives.

But often a webs page can be “redesigned” just b the content included on it. Keeping the message on the page direct and to the point, an invitation to learn more on another page, and the use of H1, H2 and H3 headers can accomplish much of what a redesign would be, for far less expense.

Another important aspect of web page content is where the content focuses. Does it focus on the customer or the company? Re-focusing content on the customer can make a major impact on click-through rates.

Am I considering a website redesign because I hope it will improve my image?

Some websites do reflect negatively on the companies they represent. The content is sloppy. Broken links frustrate would-be customers. Yet, these are both issues that don’t require a redesign. Content can be replaced. Fresh pictures can be uploaded. Broken links can be identified and repaired. Clean up the existing site. These small upgrades can give new life to a website.

There are so many good templates to choose from, that most websites really don’t have a major structural issue. Content is the #1 issue for most websites. Deal with that, and your often remove the need to redesign the site.

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Why and when to Redesign your Company website?

Having a company means that one of your main responsibilities is to convey your business message to your client base. One of the ways to do that quickly and interestingly is to create a website, which represents your company values, ideas and competitive advantage. Your website may turn to be the most important place of business interaction as it shows the services you offer in a clear and accessible way and may be open to feedback and comments, if you have a blog, directly from your customers.

However, having just any website is not enough. Technologies and design are constantly developing so if your website has not changed for the last years or sports a layout and design that look amateur or outdated that may lead to driving your visitor away. While sometimes being retro is a good thing, not done properly on the web may mean that you will be perceived as negligent and not caring about what is currently happening on the market. Great content is one thing, but it needs to be wrapped in a nice and pretty package in order for it to be noticed.

Many companies simply do not pay attention to the activities in their website thinking that owning a website, no matter of the look, is enough, others are just happy with what they have and do not strive for more, while third are apprehensive of change. All these may seem reasonable and in line with “If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it” but sometimes there are cracks that will make you lose opportunities and potential new business connections and clients.

When to do it?

Change is scary but most times, if you are thinking about it, you probably need it. Reinventing your web presence in no way means that you will lose your brand identity or will need to change your logo or vision. On the contrary, you may enhance the good and bring it forward. In addition, you may use it to promote a new service or product, new office or change in the status quo. All these reasons could be the push you need to rethink the look and functionality of your company website.

Successful business is all about being unique but also being current. No one will want to buy your product if its presentation seems suspicious, out-of-date and shabby. When we go to the store we like the packaging of the products we buy to be new, untouched and shiny. The same is valid for your online representation.

Customers need to know that you care about their experience so much that you want to offer them the best one so they will come back. Redesigning your company look is likely to give it a boost, to attract new clients and partners and to show that you are willing to invest in new and modern technologies.

Do not let your excellent product or service be unnoticed because its image is not appropriate or attractive enough. With proper help from a professional webs designer team, you can achieve new highs in your business performance see the positive feedback from your visitors.

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3 Reasons Why You Need To Redesign Your Company Website

How catchy is you website? How many visitors does it get on a daily basis?

What feedback do you get from your readers? These questions help you know if you need a change in regards to your website. If you have a successful business, then you must have a website for your company.

In today’s business world, it has become a must-have and more people are becoming used to going online to find just about anything they need. However, having a website is not enough; it needs maintenance and always kept updated to beat the growing number of competitors online. Redesigning works for most company websites that do not seem to create any presence online due to their information or presentation in general. Belo are some reasons why you need to redesign your company website.

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Search Engine Optimization

IT experts are recommending companies to adopt the new ways of climbing up the ranks in the search hits; keywords. However, these keywords should flow with your data and be relevant to your company or else, you may be penalized for using keywords with a sole purpose of climbing up the rank in the search results. Redesigning using this trick will make the content more applicable for search engine optimization. With a higher rank, you automatically get more readers.

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Remove information that is outdated and slows down the website

When was the last time you updated your data? This is one mistake most companies make when they create a website; lack of proper maintenance. You may not notice it, but to the readers, the site looks outdated and dormant. Some sites have too much information that it takes a white to access their information white other have unnecessary flash application and images hat kills its professional appear. Everyone knows how irritating it can be to access a website that takes its time to load and hence shift to other sites that are way faster. Redesigning will give you a chance to improve all these areas as you inform your readers on any new developments your company many have.

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Just like you, websites tend to age with time. Their average lifespan is about 3 years. How old is yours? Just by looking at your competitors’ websites, you will know if your site needs to be redesigned. Include modern applications, better images, unique website design new and more relevant information to capture the readers eyes.