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Custom WordPress design Services

WordPress is an open source Content Management System (CMS) that is commonly used for blogs. It is fairly easy to install and setup on a website. It is also very easy to use requiring no knowledge of code at a base level. With its great ease of use, WordPress is the world’s most widely used blog publishing application.

WordPress is powered by PHP and MySQL, which combines the power of server-side programming with a database to store and retrieve information that is updated in real-time. Its internal structure allows users to add comments, when desired, with a built-in editorial approval process. It also has a clean permalink structure that strips file extensions from a page and is search engine friendly. In WordPress, there is no html or php file extension displayed in the sub page of your site.

WordPress is also cross-platform compatible. It can be used and managed in Window, Mac, iphone, IPad, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone 7 operating system environments.

However, WordPress can be used for much than just blogs. You can develop an entire site off WordPress, or just use it to construct a blog within a website. It can be customized to utilize its features in any website. It can even be used for e-commerce sites.

About 15% of the world’s largest websites use WordPress as their platform to manage content. And WordPress is mostly free, supported by its community with tons of great plug-ins to add features and functionality. WordPress’ features and ease of use has pushed it ahead of competing CMS platforms such as Joomla and Drupal.

But if you want to move beyond templates or incorporate a blog into an existing website, manipulating WordPress is not easy. It take time, experience, know how, and in-dept knowledge of HTML and PHP code.

That is why custom WordPress design services can come in and help. It gives you all the ease of management and great features of WordPress while still giving you your own theme to fit a company logo and colors into a business site, or for any site you want to build.

An experienced designer can construct their own WordPress theme or modify an existing theme and tailor it to fit your needs. They can also install plug-ins that offer features such as protection from spam, analytics tracking, image slide shows, and search engine optimization. They can do this for a blog page only or for an entire site

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