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WordPress – A trend in web development, but novice friendly?

Have you heard of, or are perhaps already using, WordPress as a part of your website or blog? The open source software that started as a blogging-only solution and has now begun to morph into a CMS (content management system) is definitely a popular buzzword in the design and development circles lately.

And all is fair here-there are some really decent benefits that WordPress offers as a back-end for a website, especially now that a version 4.8 has been released and is taking into account some of the features that really begin to make it more practical for use as a CMS and not just a blog only solution. But with this said, there are still many things that you should know before deciding that WordPress is the route you should do for your website.

Let’s start with the pros of using WordPress power a website:

It’s free and open source.

As open source software, you’re free to use and customize as you please to fit your own site’s unique needs.

Tons of plug-ins available.

Third-party developers have created an app for just about any website function you could imagine-from social media to e-commerce, there’s a plug-in for WordPress to accomplish it.

Once setup, it’s pretty easy to use.

Once you’re familiar with the system, using WordPress as a CMS to add or edit website content is fairly straight forward.

With these points in mind, we also need to share some of the cons of using WordPress as a back-end for your site.

Setup can be a nightmare.

The software is getting better and simpler to install, but if you’re a novice without professional help, it’s probably best stay away.

Plug-ins can be really buggy.

Most plug-ins available are developed b third party “hobbyists.” Using them can cause serious reliability and/or security faults for your website.

Security is debatable.

Some say that the WordPress codebase itself is rock-solid secure. This might be true, but because there are so many people using it these days; it’s also become a popular target for hackers to challenge-once they’ve figured it out, they can have free reign on just about any site that runs the software. But it can be avoided if you take the help of a wordpress experts to tighten the wordpress security to make it hack proof.


WordPress has established itself as the most popular CMS. Initially, WordPress used to operate more like a blog than a content management system. But now even extensive modification can be done to get it to actually operate according to your vision or CMS needs.

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Join the Revolution with a WordPress Business Website Design

If you’ve been in business for 5 days, 5 years or 50 years, you know that a website is an essential part of your marking strategy. It used to be time consuming to get a website set up but then along came WordPress, which revolutionised web design for business and individuals alike. Partly because it is free. Yes no cost to you at all.

WordPress is a very clever blogging software system. However it allows you to build pages so you have enormous flexibility. Website designers can produce excellent sites that please both your potential customers and the search engines. Better yet it is easy for you to use when you want to add content to your site.

Before WordPress adding extra pages to your site was difficult and slow. After writing the content you had to create a new page, link it to a style sheet or add all the code needed, add the content, save it, upload it to your server and update all your other pages with links to the new page. This was a technical challenge and costly.

WordPress has changed all that. Adding a new page involves simply writing your content, copy and pasting it to WordPress, a couple of clicks and that’s it. Page published with links included. It’s as simple as writing an email and the skills required to run WordPress can be learnt within 30 minutes.

In addition visitors can leave comments and questions which you can respond to so making your site interactive. It is very simple to begin chatting with your potential clients and start online discussions. Their queries can be dealt with quickly leaving them with a very good impression of you. Your sales should see the benefit of that functionality!

The look of your website used to cause many people major headaches. After all we are not all great artists or understand the visual impact we want for our website. With WordPress it is easy as there are thousands of free design templates for you to choose from. Again after only 1 or 2 clicks your whole site is changed to the new design and can easily be changed back again. This is only true and applicable for blogging website, but professional website might need to be redone again as all themes comes different page editors and shortcodes which might not be available on other theme.

We have only scratched the surface of the benefits of a WordPress site. It is a free system, with free designs, easy to use, enormously flexible and here to stay. WordPress Web designers love it and you will to.

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Why WordPress Website Design is the ideal choice for you?

When it comes to features, flexibility and security, none of the content management systems can beat WordPress. WordPress is a versatile content management system and you can easily develop and manage your website with the help of WordPress. Whether you want to develop a custom blog or a business website, WordPress website design is the ideal solution for you.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of WordPress website design.


Effective Content Distribution Engine

When you configure WordPress properly, it works like a content description engine and boosts your website’s search engine ranking. For instance, you can configure your WordPress website to distribute the website content in social media sites, RSS aggregator sites, ping sites etc. This technique helps search engines to find your web content very fast and within a few days you will find your articles in top search results.

Variety of Plugins

WordPress offers variety of plugins and most importantly they are all completely free. Whatever functionalities you may want to add in your website, you can do it easily using these plugins. All you need to do is simply download the necessary plugins and install them in your site.

Various Themes

You can find hundreds of WordPress themes for your website design. While most of the themes are free, you can also buy a premium theme and use it for your website design. Depending upon your business, you should select a suitable theme and save your time. All the WordPress themes are highly customizable and you can modify the looks of your website to attract your target consumers. WordPress themes are available in one column, two column, three column and open formats.


WordPress is an open source content management system and you can set up a free website on However, if you want to launch your business website, you should buy a custom URL and contact a hosting service provider to get affordable hosting solutions.

Intra site Linking

Intra site linking is very important for usability and search engine optimization. WordPress allows you to link web pages through menus, tags, navigation bar etc. Using WordPress is as simple as MS Word.

It’s Simple to use

WordPress is a developer friendly content management system. Even if you are a newbie webs designer, you can download and install WordPress without any difficulty. Once the installation process is complete, you can log in to your account and start adding new pages, text, navigation bar etc. Using WordPress is as simple as MS Word.

Easy to Customize

Unless you design a customized website, web users will not notice your site. WordPress provides you all the necessary tools to customize your site and fulfill your business goals. WordPress offers various widgets and you can simply drag and drop designing elements in your website with the help of those widgets.

Highly Secure

Hackers often try to steal confidential data from websites. Therefore, you must build your website on a strong content management system. WordPress is a highly secure CMS and it comes with high security features to keep the hackers away from your site.

Easy Admin process

You don’t need to take any professional help to maintain your site. The admin panel of WordPress is user friendly and once your site is designed, you can update the content and images in your website comfortably.

Getting help is easy

Web developers all over the world use WordPress and you can find resourceful WordPress tutorials online. There are also several WordPress forums. If you face any problem during website design process, you can refer to these tutorials and ask WordPress design experts to find an easy solution.

Developing a WordPress website is quite easy. However, you need basic designing skills to properly customize your site. If you are not a webs design expert, you can hire a designer for your WordPress web design project.

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Web Design – The benefits of using WordPress to design your website

When it comes to designing and building a website for your business it can be confusing which software to use. Should you use editing software such as Dreamweaver or content management software like WordPress? WordPress has become very popular due to its east installation, customization and ability to easily maintain your content without knowing HTML.

Let’s look at some of the main benefits of using WordPress to design and build your website:


  1. Interactivity

WordPress enables visitors to comment on your blog posts, subscribe to your RSS feeds and sign up for your newsletter subscription if you add an opt in form on your website. You can also encourage social media interaction by adding social media icons to your web pages.

  1. Multiple plug-ins

Plug-ins enable you to extend the functionality of your WordPress website. For example there are plug-ins for search engine optimization, contact forms, site maps, social media interaction, etc.

  1. Design Flexibility

Although WordPress is mostly used for designing and building blogs it can also be used for designing a regular website. For example if you create a beautiful design in Dreamweaver or your favorite design software you can use this exact design as a static home page on your WordPress website. The beauty of using WordPress to develop a regular website is that you can easily create unlimited pages and maintain them all within the administration panel.

  1. Multiple users

If you want multiple people to add content to your WordPress website you can create a number of users with different passwords to login to the administration panel. They can be assigned different roles such as administrator, editor and subscriber. This means content can be added from any location at anytime as long as you have an Internet Connection.

  1. Generate lots of traffic

WordPress enables site owners to easily generate traffic because of the tools built into the software. Here are some of the tools that can be used to attract visitors:

  • Creates search engine friendly pages.
  • RSS feeds can be submitted to the RSS directories
  • Blog can be submitted to blog directories
  • Link building though comments and trackbacks
  • Ability to easily add new content that is exactly shared with others
  1. Large supportive community

Because WordPress is so popular the forum at the WordPress website is an excellent to receive free technical support, find plug-ins and templates

psd into wordpress templates is the smartest choice

Why converting your PSD into WordPress templates is the smartest choice?

WordPress is one of the most suitable choices for business owners who are not technical experts, but want a high quality professional website for their company. The most common way to find good designs for website is buying templates in PSD format and then converting them into HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Why WordPress?

WordPress is the most popular platform for websites. It is used by some of the most high profile websites in the world. Equally, it is also used by millions of small business owners and even personal blogs. This is because:

  • It is easy to install and get started with
  • Most web hosting companies support it out of the box
  • There is a lot of help available in case you run into problems with a WordPress site
  • There are thousands of plugins and themes; so you can make your website look exactly as you want

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Higher visibility

If you are starting a new business, you want it to get as much exposure as is possible. Although having a website that anybody can learn about your products, you are competing with thousands of other businesses. PSD to WordPress conversion can help your company get more incoming traffic because:

  • WordPress has a lot of plugins that can help you improve your SEO
  • It takes the hard work out of maintaining a website
  • If you choose an HTTPS version for your website (which is available in WordPress by default), it is more likely to show up higher on Google search results

WordPress websites are SEO friendly by default, so search engines find it easier to index its content. You can focus on the content of your website rather than its underlying technical details.

Highly functional website

Your business website is going to be accessed by visitors and customers through multiple devices including:

  • Desktops
  • Laptops
  • Smartphones
  • Tablets

In order to work well on all these devices, you need your site to follow modern web standards. WordPress provides W3C validation, so you can be sure that your site renders perfectly across all types of browsers.

Cost effective

Most importantly, since WordPress is the most popular website development platform, there are many more services for conversion. You will find that converting your PSD to WordPress is much cheaper than other platforms. Also, adding more features to your website can be done with free plugins. If you need even more specific functionality, you can hire a service to develop an additional plugin for you.

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Why should you hire a professional to convert PSD to WordPress?

WordPress has been created in a way that ensures the entire site and the process of building your very own website is simple and user friendly. Being one of the most popular Content Management System, it is also one of the best – if not the best. They let you customize your site entirely and therefore, you can build your site from scratch as you wish.

You could use the PSD format itself on your website if you wanted to, but it’s not read by search engines and therefore, you’d be losing on a large chunk of search engine traffic. Therefore, these sites are now being converted into WordPress. Of course you could do it yourself if you’re a web designer, but if you’re not familiar with it – let the professionals do it; because:

You save time

Instead of wasting time converting PSD to WordPress, if you hire a WordPress theme designer, they would be able to do the job for you. They would not just complete it faster than you would, but since they’re doing it; you don’t need to worry and would have time to concentrate on other aspects of your website such as: creating content, finding things to sell and much more.

Perfect Layout

If you do it yourself, and if you’re not familiar with the process, you may end up formatting the page awkwardly and even reduce the readability of your website. Therefore, in order to provide your visitors and customers the best user experience, you should hire professional WordPress theme designers as they would know exactly how to convert your selected PSD to WordPress.

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Coding Problems

WordPress theme designers are familiar with various coding languages and therefore, utilizing each of them they can give you the best. If the coding isn’t done well, the website won’t perform either. Therefore, the PSD to WordPress conversion needs to be done correctly, else it would lead to various problems in the management and application of your websites Content Management System (CMS).

Widget Sidebars

If you can do it yourself, you need to make sure that your PSD to WordPress conversion provides your website with a customizable widget sidebar. Because, every website would need some widgets such as news, polls, updates and so on. Therefore, if you can’t get this right, don’t hesitate to hire a WordPress theme designer instead.